Monday, March 5, 2012

Angelic Pretty art over my bed!

So may be you remember that in my last shopping post i bought some white frames, and this is what I did with them.               

Since I'm so lazy I haven't showed you my apartment yet, cut here is a corner of my bedroom:

I whish the walls could be white, but the biggest problem was grandmas' not so very pretty wall-carpet. So finally I removed it, and hang up these instead!

I love the Angelic Pretty artwork, so I printed out some of my favorites, and hang it on my wall. I have in mind to buy some Christmas-lights which will be on the wall like water running down if you know what I mean.

It maybe looks a little empty at first, but its so beautiful, when I'm standing in front of my bed, or laying on my bed :)
What do you think?
Do you have some other tips of what I can do with this wall? :)


  1. interesting! although I have no expert, but I want have to know more and more, on your blog just interesting and useful information. Keep it up!

    1. I like the frames alot, but I have to agree with you that the wall should become white:P
      It's a very big contrast:P but nevertheless very cozy and warm looking. I think you could maybe add some more frames and make a big collage out of it:)

  2. Yes, I would maybe do that :) But yea I wish the walls where white, evrey tree wall in my apartment is like this and I hate it xP

  3. Looks great! Oh if you have extra doilies, you could put a bunch as the background in certain spots of the wall and give it the impression that there is a white background :D

    ~ Kieli ~


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