Saturday, March 31, 2012

Garnier BB cream and anti-dark circles roll-on

Not long ago BB cream came to Norway, finally! at first it was sold out everywhere, but now I have one myself in light. I also bought a roll-on for dark circles under my eyes, and this post is a little review of these products, Enjoy :)

So the BB cream is a All-in-one moisturiser, whish will give "Visibly  prefect skin"
The product:
- Evens tone.
- Blurs lines &imperfections
- Boosts healthy glow
- 24 hour moisture
- UVA/UVB - spf 15
It also contains Vitamin C + mineral pigments

The anti-dark circles roll-on contains caffeine + lemon essence and is a 2 in 1 Eye Roll on.
It's written that it will:
-Reduce and cover dark circels under your eyes.
- Protect against UVrays
- Gives you a fresh look.

So I tried to take some pictures, but I looked so aweful on the pictures so I decided to throw them away.

I cleansed my face and started with the roll-on under my eyes. the conselaer came at ones, and after putting some all over my dark cirkles I smoothed it out with the finger tips. My look became instantly brighter, and more awake.

Then I started with the BB cream, whish I first thought was pretty dark, but when I putted it on my face the color was perfect. The cream felt a little thick and oily at first, but it was easy to apply, and after only one layer, may face had a more even tone, and brightness. I think this is perfect for everyday make-up. If you may like more cover, try to add a second layer.

So after trying these products some times, I will give them 8/10.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lolitaboots review

So some weeks ago I told you that I finnally got the Lolita boots I've been waiting for a long time now. And here is the review of it!

 I bought these boots at Ebay and you had to tell them which size you wanted. The reason that it took so long until I got them was that my dad misunderstanded this, but after mailing about the size, they came about two weeks later or so.

 The first thing I noticed was that they was surprisingly light, and the textiles felt fragile and thin. It has a soft layer inside and I hade to take on the shoelaces myself.

As you can see the big minus of these boots is that I'm constantly afraid that they will break fast, but the textile is very comfortable and even though it's light and thin, it also is much warmer than I expected.

 Another minus is that it is no zipper on the sides, so it takes allot of effort to take them on and of, also because I have to be careful so they wont break.

I was also very surprised about how high they felt on. but since they have a big chunky heal and platform, they are pretty comfortable to walk in. I did also order them two sizes bigger than I usually use, so there are space for several tights and also whoolsocks since it's pretty cold here in Norway during the winter.

Without thinking about the drawbacks on these boots I absolutely love them, and I don't have to think about freezing and aching feet after walking in them. I will give these 7/10!

Have a nice day <3

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Outfit of the week and a week summary

So this weekend hasn't been any special, so here is some outfits with my latest purchase :D

 I actually wore this last saturday, when Lasse and I ate dinner with my dad and his girlfriend :)
It was pretty unusually for me have such long hair, but I loved the wig and the print on my new JSK :D

I wore this on Tuesday. I a little fairy-kei inspired. I think it turned out very cute, and I have decided that my everyday closet should be much more fairy-kei, it's so comfortable to wear on school and such than Lolita sometimes. So here I tried out my new Blond pigtail wig, my white bloomers, sax striped over knees and wrist cuffs... I actually was a little worried of how people at my school would react of me wearing a wig, but my class (even the boys) thought it was pretty cool, and they couldn't stop touching the bouncing curls :D
On tuesday we actullay had a little driving theory test (yes I'm taking driving lessons nowadays) and I got 6 fails, and that means that I could pass the real test  (if you know what I mean).
On Thursday I had my singing mock exam... I was going to sing "Voy che sapete" by Mozarts Figaros Wedding and "Funny Honey" from the Chicago musical.

Yea I know, two very diferent genres! I was pretty nervous, especial since some of my classmates was watching, (no I haven't sung that much in front of them, even though I'm a music student). But I think it went well, but I haven't gotten my grade jet, so I will update you later ;)
Yesterday I had a driving lesson and even though i felt it went pretty bad, my teacher said I could go from step 2 to step 3 :D that means than I can automatize the car, and now I shall begin with to understand the rules and signs myself... (that's how we're doing it in Norway) :) So I'm pretty happy about that :)
Today has been a pretty lazy day, and I will continue my weekend that way!
Have a nice weekend guys :D

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thank you followers!

I just have to say Thank you everyone!!!!

So today I got 100 followers!!!!
I'm so happy!

Have a nice day <3

Monday, March 19, 2012

Flowering hair

Just a short post to show some flowers I bought from H&M the other day!
They are perfect for classic and gothic Lolita!

Have a nice day <3

Friday, March 16, 2012

New Bodyline haul!

(warning: picture heavy post!)
Today I finally got my two packages from Bodyline!

I was so exited since this was my first purchase since September and that I ordered by myself with my new Visa card! I'm so happy with what I got so really want to show you, enjoy :D

Since I'm really exited for spring and summer I decided to order two new short sleeved blouses, since I've only have one in white. They are so beautiful and comfy even though the pink one is in 2L which should be M, but I have no idea I ordered the big size :S

 I've been wanting some cute poofy pair of bloomers, and even though the lace is of the cheap kind, I think it's lovely, and it's so soft and comfy to wear :D I also got a pretty cute cutsew. one bad thing about it is that the sleeves where pretty tight and the laces itched like hell! so that is something I have to do something with.

 Some over-knees which was so soft and comfy, and some cheap pair of wrist-cuffs. They where a bit curly, but I'll try to press them more smooth :)

 Since my only pair of Lolita shoes where white, I really needed a black pair. They where much higher than my other pair, but they where pretty comfy to wear except for the straps which where a little tight at first.

 Since I don't want to damage my hair by coloring or bleaching it so much anymore, I wanted to have some more wigs. One blond with pig-tails-clipons' and one wine red pretty curly one. Reviews comes later ;)

 And finnally a new JSK (like I need more dresses xP). Anyways, I really wanted a real pink dress for a long time now, and this one has now become my favorite dress. I think it's the most beautiful Bodyline dress I've ever seen, but I think they should expand their choice of lace, since it's white (I think they should be light pink, especially at the end of the skirt) and have no special print on it.

One funny thing is that I think the print is like a combo of Angelic Prettys "Fancy box" and "Decoration Dreams" and Bodyline released this dress before Angelic Pretty did. Even tough the dress should be pink, it also appears light lavender/purple depending on the light, but I have no problem on that. A drawback is the lace which I told you, and that the skirt was pretty curled when I got it, so I have to iron it soon.

 One thing I noticed is that Bodyline has started to have buttons on the straps, so if you are short, you can regulate them so it fits better. Another thing was that it was pretty shorter than I expected (a little over my knees), but as I've grown as a Lolita I have no problem with that, and it only makes me look slimmer and my legs appears longer :)
 Like I said, I'm very satisfied with this purchase, and I can't wait to wear everything :D
What do you think?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Deco-tape it!

A short little post about my home, and a little trick with deco-tape.

So I have this old shelf on my bathroom, a simple white shelf.

But as you can see, the three lower racks, are a little water damaged (I think). So How do we fix it?

The deco-tape was very easy to lay on, and I think it made the perfect touch!

As a Lolita I love details, and stuff like this is just perfect.
Have a nice day! :D

NB.Photos lost due to trouble with google drive.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Opera and Lolita

So this evening my class was invited to the last rehearsal of the opera Turandot, before the premiere, by our teacher which sings in the choir.

(the video is the final scene of a much bigger production of the opera. But remember Norway is small and I don't live in the biggest city, so to the production I was on was pretty big anyways.)
Only five of us came, and I don't regret it! the story takes place in old China, about a princess which are going to get married. But she's pretty evil and gives her suitors there riddles, and if they don't crack them, they will lose their heads. Then one suitor crack them all and he's going to marry her, but then many other problems appears. The video I added is the final scene where I almost began to cry since it was so beautiful!

I have never been to an opera before, and this was something over the top! The scenery was awesome with typical Chinese houses, and even the Chinese wall! and the costumes was also breathtaking!
The odd part was that they had mixed the story to be like an RPG game in the start, so the main character which wants the princess, sits by a computer and chooses his character and story. Sometimes, they also added effects like how to animate the moon and ect. It's pretty hard to explain but it was a pretty strange combination.

So today I wore Lolita for the occation, and also wore my pink Bodyline wig, which turned out to look so much better on after i teased the top a little. Here I am with one of my good friends Merete, which is a super cute girl! :D

Friday, March 9, 2012

Kony 2012

So I don't usually get that effected by propaganda and movies, telling me to suport this and that, but this movie made me really think!

I have to share it with you 'cuz this is really important. right now I don't have any more words....

Monday, March 5, 2012

Angelic Pretty art over my bed!

So may be you remember that in my last shopping post i bought some white frames, and this is what I did with them.               

Since I'm so lazy I haven't showed you my apartment yet, cut here is a corner of my bedroom:

I whish the walls could be white, but the biggest problem was grandmas' not so very pretty wall-carpet. So finally I removed it, and hang up these instead!

I love the Angelic Pretty artwork, so I printed out some of my favorites, and hang it on my wall. I have in mind to buy some Christmas-lights which will be on the wall like water running down if you know what I mean.

It maybe looks a little empty at first, but its so beautiful, when I'm standing in front of my bed, or laying on my bed :)
What do you think?
Do you have some other tips of what I can do with this wall? :)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

wintery white with a touch of pink

Hi guys! so since there is a long time since my last outfit I made one today :) It was also my first time I used my new boots so soon I have to make a review about it :)

Have a nice day <3

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