Friday, February 17, 2012


Hi! I'm a awful blogger nowadays! I just don't know what to blog about, and yea :(

Today the winter break finally started, and me and Lasse went to Bodø. We almost lost our plane, because it was snowing like hell and the traffic was awful... but we made it even tho we lost our baggage. xP But hopefully we will get it tomorrow.

So to pleasen you up, I'll make a little inspo post :)


  1. What a cheerful riot of pastel colors! How interesting, you get winter break in february? Did you get one in December as well? It´s always interesting to see how holidays change from country to country.....:3

  2. Loving the stationaries and the pastels~ c:

  3. omg I want to buy every single one of these things T_T


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