Sunday, January 1, 2012

No lucky pack for me!!!!! :'(

So since I follow San Francisco Angelic Pretty on Facebook I noticed that they has released their lucky packs. I found my favorite and called my father right away, and asked him to order right away as a birthday present for my 18th birthday which is in the end of this month. I posted it on Facebook for him and sent him a SMS before he said he that the internet wasn't working, but he would try in the evening. I was going home at the moment and when I then logged on my computer to ask my mum to order it instead, it was too late!!!
They were all sold out :'(

I'm so dicepointed... It was so cheap too... $300 for a long sleved blouse, a bag, beautiful pair of socks, a JSK and a bow!!!

well well... I just had to share my sadness about Loli clothes with you :P Good night<3


  1. I know, I wanted to post a comment on MAF telling everyone about the LP because I follow AP on Facebook as well.....but after barely an hour of it being posted (which is when I saw it), almost every LP was sold out! So I didn´t post it on MAF. Pointless. =.= They sold out amazingly fast.....

  2. Yeah there were a few good ones but most sold out as soon as it was posted >.< Sorry to hear that all that happened but hopefully you can find a pack elsewhere that will be just as good =)

    ~ Kieli ~


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