Sunday, December 25, 2011

What I got for Christmas

As I told you, here in Norway we opened our christmas presents last night, and I have to say this christmas eve would be the best ever! I got so many lovely presents!

So here is some of them:

A new keyboard, special for gaming from my dad, and it even glows pink! :D

Gaming headset with mic from my boyfriend. We ordered a headset like this to each other and they are so awesome ;D

A cardigan from Bodyline and a new wonderful pettiecoat form Ebay which I got from my mother :D

I got the cutest hammer I've ever seen from my grandmother and random beauty stuff from several people.

This was a pretty funny gift me and my BF got from my stepmother since we just moved out, an ice cream machine! :P

A thing you boil te in :P (have no idea what it's called on English)

I absolutely love what I got from my mother and her family again! beautiful te-cup and te pot and a box with delicious green tea... drank te all night :P

A cookie box for christmas and a new coat from Bodyline which I also got from my mother! I just cant wait to use it with the Lolita boots my dad ordered :D
I have the best family ever! :D

Are you satisfied with your gifts this christmas?


  1. So many cool and cute items! Love your new coat!! Do you have snow in Norway yet?

  2. Zeruda: thank you :) yes for wo weeks ago it finally came, but now it's just very stormy and a lot of ice -.-

  3. Awwww grats to all of the lovely presents! I'm glad you are enjoying them too ^-^ And I'm very satisfied with my presents. Please be sure to check it out on my blog soon ;)

    ~ Kieli ~

  4. You got some really awesome stuff!! :D And the keyboard is the exact same kind my boyfriend has -- it's really nice! I really like Logitech stuff~.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Churi Chan~!!

  5. The hammer is really quite pretty, but seems so random. Do you like to build things or something? :)

  6. Audrey (hkittygirl): HA HA! no, not actually, but it's practical since I've just moved out and If I need to hang up a picture or something xD :P

  7. Lost of cute things! :) I won´t be posting my gifts until the 6th of January, LoL, because we get our gifts then instead of on Christmas in Spain.

  8. Laia Moon: I've heard about that (I have spanish at shcool)! That's quite funny tho:D

  9. Lovely gifts you received. And very loving parents too!


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