Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Lolita inspiration

Hi everybody... Soon it's christmas and I'm VERY exited! I love christmas, the music, the spirit, the precents... yea.. everything... And another thing I really love about christmas i christmasmovies. Especial amercan ones, since they often are som "over the top" and som unlike Norwegian christmas.

So this weekend I watched Grinchen and I noticed that I could find allot of christmas-lolita inspiration from it!

Here's some examples:

If you look at her hair, you wil notice that it's like several packages with bows on, and I will defenately try to make a hairstyle inspired of this, this christmas

A very crappy picture but I have to so I love her cute little outfit! With the cakes on her dress and the little tea cup on her head!

So yea... Cindy Lou Who is adorable in the whole movie so I just recommend you to watch her, to get some inspiration:P

I really hope you liked this little blog post, and have a nice evening :D


  1. I am super excited about christmas as well!! I love the christmas spirit, and I love christmas movies! XD

  2. I never noticed these! xD And who knew that Cindy was a Lolita in training ;)

    ~ Kieli ~

  3. aw, grinchen is also one of my favorite christmas movies! The costumes and details are just amaaaazing! ^^


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