Saturday, December 31, 2011


First of all this has been a great year! :D

So shortly this is what happened to me this year. Something more important than other happenings, but o'well.

- I've began to wear Lolita
- Me and Lasse has been together in one and a half year :D
- I began my second year at the gymnasium
- I moved out with my boyfriend
- I made this blog! ( I almost forgot xP)
- I was at Torucon :D My first "event" ever :D
- Started the Lolita challenge ( which I still haven't finished :S)
- I joined the community "MyAsianFasion"
- I got a lot of new friends, especially online :D
- I bought everything I own of Lolita stuff this year (except for an Ita dress I bought in a Local Anime/Manga store, Which I have used only two times I think xP)
-I got to take care of "Pusen" again which I have missed a lot (my cat ;) )
- I lost my friend Håkon at Utøya when the terrorism happened :'( (I still miss you!)
- I was in a Shelbycloud video :D
- I made my first bento :P
- I made my first video for this blog :)
- I also lost my grandfather and I proudly wore Lolita at his funeral
- And I became "Girl of the week" at MAF :D

And then, inspired by Zerudas' 2011 post, here is my favorite cords of the year :D


  1. Very inspiring post. I am happy to have found your blog this past year too :3

    So I wish you all the best and Happy New Year ♥

    ~ Kieli ~

  2. ^_^ Nice post! I still love your green cardi-yellow strawberries coord. Definitely one of the prettiest.

    My condolences for your friend and granfather (I lost mine this year as well :()

  3. cute post! ive just remembered i didnt finish the lolita challenge either! oooops!

  4. I always love the colors in your coordinates. :D


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