Friday, November 4, 2011

sorry if someone disagree...

Today I went to my grandfathers funeral, and yes I wore a simple black Lolita coordinate. I have noticed that this is an event you should not be wearing Lolita, but I have to say, since it was my own grandfather, the choice of wearing Lolita is mine... not yours.
Even though I actually got told to be wearing it too.

My grandpa died last Tuesday and I was not very exited for this funeral. But after the funeral and the memorial I felt allot lighter now.. Everyone had allot of nice stories about him, cuz he has been a person everyone could talk to. I miss him, but I know he is in a better place now :)
Love you, and rest in peas, Grandpa <3


  1. I think this was your personal choice so I would not judge you. I am sorry to hear of your loss.

  2. Honestly, I don't think you wearing Lolita to a funeral is a bad thing. You obviously feel very comfortable in it and truth be told, funerals are things that no one feels happy going to. But we do it for our loved ones so that we can pay our respects as they move on to the next life. So it's nice to have at least a little comfort. And I'm sure he would have appreciated it since people that love you would never want you to feel sad. While it's not an actual hug, with the nice words that were spoken and being in your Lolita, I'm sure they helped make things easier for you.

    Sorry to hear about your loss and I hope you and your family find comfort. Take care.

    ~ Kieli ~

  3. thanks for understanding...
    I felt we were celebrating his life, especially at the memorial, and dressing up to show my respect for him, was something I felt was important. I didn't want to and I did not take the attention from him, I just wanted to celebrate him and his wonderful life :)

  4. I wore lolita to my grandpas funeral as well years ago. I don't see why that would be a no-no. I wore it black, simple and with a cape, since he died in autumn as well. It was a small funeral, with only the closest family members, they know I wear lolita so there's no scene or "stealing the attention" situation because of it. It's alright.

    I'm sorry for your lost.

  5. Sorry for your loss..

    And I think your outfit can be worn for a funeral, because it's very toned down.

  6. I'm so sorry for your loss, but one day, you two will be reunited and he is in a better place, so it's for the best. I hope you feel better soon and I think it's fine that you wore lolita because if lolita is your style, then no one can think that you're dress innappropriately.

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  8. you look stunning, and still true to yourself while respectful. ive worn lolita to funerals before and i find it more appropriate than what alot of people choose! im sorry for your loss, i hope things get easier for you <3


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