Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nerdy outfit

Finally I took a picture of my outfit today! So I'm wearing my new pair of high-waist jeans and my new jumper I told you about, and I become very pleased about this simple coordinate aven tho the jumper is a bit nerdy... But I'm a nerd so I don't mind:P

Today there was the audition for our Dreamgirls project this year, and I sang "I love you I do" which they have decided will be sung by the role Lorel instead of Effie (which it is in the movie). I have been practicing for weeks, and even though I felt I had it this time, I got VERY nervous at the audition. But I think it went well... But I think they should tell us that we were going to sing in a microphone at the audition before we were standing in the line to get in -.- Oh well... I just hope it went well, and that I didn't disappoint my singing teacher. :)


  1. So simple, but still cute! I love that jumper, where did you get it?

  2. I am sooo cheering for you Churi Chan, I am sure you did great on your audition ;DD And your sweater is GORGEOUS!! <3

  3. the sweater is so cute!! Good luck on you audition! I'm sure you were brilliant! <3

  4. Your sweater is uber cute! I hope you get the part you want! ^^


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