Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 23 - A picture of your handwriting.

I have totally forgotten this :S  My handwriting is pretty ugly especially when I write notes. So I prefer to use my computer.

 A littel note for you guys!

Here is my schedule book. I do have a thing for writing down everything, so I have control, so it is pretty full.
So... how is your handwriting?
Do you think handwriting is important to be a Lolita (lifestyle or not)?


  1. Your note made me happy. :D <3 And I love schedule books.

    I think my handwriting is nice, but I admit that it's gotten a little worse since I got more involved online. X_X

    I think that handwriting is important for everyone whether they're lolita or not. :D It's important for all of us to have legible handwriting for business and school purposes, especially.

  2. Your handwriting is super cute!! And you seem to have a lot of stuff to do :P I hate it when people lend me their notes or something like that, and I totally can't understand it at all -.-

  3. ugh, matteprov :( I'm so glad my time in school is over ^^ your notes are so cute "spille WoW" ^^ Aww ^^

    I need to practice on my handwriting, i never write by hand anymore, not even small notes so I have almost forgotten how to do it, lol XD

  4. Your handwriting isn't actually that bad. Mine looks as though as child wrote it Dx

    And I do think handwriting is important. Sometimes you just want to write an actual letter to someone on really nice stationary. It's a lot more personal and can be appreciated more. ^^ (I will have to try this lol!)

    ~ Kieli ~


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