Thursday, October 27, 2011

cuz I'm a geek

So I have really gotten into World of Warcraft lately, so I just wanted to post this video where I'm dinging lvl 80 with my BF :D So happy!


  1. Yay, congratulations! :D

    I played WoW for about five years, but I had to stop playing when Cataclysm came out~. I'd like to play again just to explore the world since it changed so much. My main is a level 80 Troll Priest. :3

  2. Congrats!

    I don't play WoW, but I've played a fair amount of mmorpgs.

    This reminds me that I should get back in Rusty Hearts since Natasha was just released to play.

  3. thanks guys:P I'm a noob tho... so yea:P


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