Friday, September 23, 2011

Pinky cupcake!

Helo! I just come home before it started to rain elephants here where I live :S It's just sick.

Yes. I promised you guys an outfit post today, but I have to say I'm sorry for crappy pictures and yea.. :P

I wore casual sweet to day with my new sweater and platforms ( they are higher than they appear in the picture) I bought the other day. I was so happy a classmate of me said I looked like a cupcake today :P

Now I'm going to take a nap cuz Churi Chan is tired an sleepy, and I will make a post about my latest Bodyline purchase soon :D


  1. awh the shoes are so cute! excited for your next post sweetie ^^

  2. cute sweater! I love knit <3 and you shoes are wonderful! <3

  3. Such an adorable outfit~! >w< <3
    Looking forward to your next post! ; u ;

  4. Your shoes are so pretty! Where did you buy them? :3

  5. The shoes are from H&M actually :D I absolutely love them ;D


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