Friday, September 23, 2011

My latest Bodyline purchase

As I told you I got my latest Bodyline package the other day. And here is my review of it, but I have to say I'm really sorry for the bad pictures :(

This blouse was the piece i was most concerned about. On the pictures Bodyline had posted it looked really trashy, so I was so relieved when it noticed that it was much more beautiful than I thought. It fitted perfect and it has shirring in the back. I was a little afraid that the wrists was too tight, but I got my hands through :P  The blouse is really soft, comfortable and I just love the details.

On this one I just have to say that I love the collar with the lace and the details. The color was a little lighter that I thought, but I think it was just perfect. It's also shirring in the back of this blouse, which makes it easy to make it fit perfectly. You can do the same with the wrists.

This one is so beautiful in many ways, but I'm a little concerned about the turtleneck, since I finally fallen in love with big collars like my older blouse. But I think the details is so beautiful, while it's pretty comfortable to wear, even though it's a little sad the arm are a little too short. This one has not shirring in the back, but it fits perfectly anyways.

Something I noticed on every single blouse was that the buttons was a little hard to deal with, so I'm a little afraid, that I may ruin them someday.

 Like I've told you before I've become very inspired of Gothic Lolita, so I just had to order this simple black one piece. I was very surprised with this one, cuz it was so beautiful, thick, with great details. I was a litte afraid that It would be a little tight on the bust, but since there is shirring both on the back and in the front, fitting was no problem. I was also really happy when I noticed that the waistbands was attached with buttons, behind  the zipper on the side. Which means that I can make a bow, and don't have to ruin it when I'm not wearing it.

When I saw this one appear on the Bodyline site, I HAD to have it. I've been dreaming about a navy OP for a long time, and this one is perfect for some classical Lolita coordinates. The textiles is thick and smooth and the zipper in the back goes all the way up on the back. I love the collar and small details is just perfect since they don't take all the etention. The Only drawback with this OP was that the arms were VERY tight! So I have to do something with the stitching :)

Look how beautiful the print is! I'm in love!

So this was my order, and I'm really happy about it. But now I really need to save money... Damn Bodyline becoming so expensive! But now I finally got some lovely winter pieces so just let it come!


  1. the blouses whats the quality like? I've been meaning to purchase themm too^^

  2. re Mcduff: I think the blouses is great... Normal quality I guess:) But I was wrong about the back shirring on the white one, and the arms on the white one is a little too short, just so you know it :)


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