Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lolita in the rain

So today it's raining, allot! and It have been kinda hard to be a lolita when I don't have a pretty raincoat, but just a simple ladybug umbrella.

But anyways, here is my outfit for today:)

Yea I know, a pretty derpy photo, but I had to take it 06:15 this morning, cuz now I look like a drowned cat x'P


  1. It's raining here in Sweden too. u__u I can't even wear Lolita these days! Haha ^^
    Really cute dress! :)

  2. wow, you look awesome at 6 in the morning :D i look more dead than alive :P

  3. such a pretty outfit, i love how the headband matches your dress :3.

    (6:15, that's early!! :0)

  4. Cute! :D The print on the dress sort of reminds me of rain, too~.

  5. aww thanks everybody! the dress is a remade 50's dress from my grandma... I love it so much :D


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