Sunday, September 4, 2011

Little twin stars readhead

So I had a pretty lonely day yestardey :P So I decided to take the bus down town, and at kids H&M I found all these lovely stuff!

I have never seen "Little Twin Stars"- stuff here in Trondheim before, I just had to buy it :D

I also bought hair dye in "amber", and last night I tried the best I could to get the best result by my own :P
The color became a little darker then what I expected, but I absolute love it, and I think it fits be much better than my natural unexplainable hair color :P

What do you think?
Do you dye your hair?


  1. lovely colour! it suits you so well! and omg that jewellery i need to go to h&m!

  2. hårfargen kledde deg utrolig godt! :D
    og veldig fine ting :)

  3. I love the ponies *w* and your hair looks really pretty ;D <3

  4. those things are great, i think i have to check out kids h&m ^^). your new hair colour looks great, very lovely.

  5. I looove your new hair color!!! And that disney bracelet is just too cute!! <3

  6. That's a really good hair color for you! It looks very natural with you skin and eyes.

  7. Little Twin Stars is adorable~. :D

    And I really like your hair color! It goes really nice with your skin color; very pretty! :D

    I used to have blond and pink in my bangs, but I currently have a job that doesn't allow unnatural hair colors. :( When I get a different job that allows me, I'll dye it again. :3

  8. The children department of H&M always such cute stuff!

  9. The hair colour looks great! I think it really fits you. I can imagine the colour being very pretty if you curl your hair^^


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