Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'm so happy!

Hey guys! I'm so sorry I'm a lame blogger nowadays, but I just don't have the inspiration or the motivation to do it :( I'm thinking about it every day, but when blogging becomes a must do thing, and no fun, I won't do it.

BUT! anyways... the reason I'm actually blogging at the moment is that I finally got my latest Bodyline package today. I've been shopping ALLOT this month, but now, I have to lock my card away, and enjoy my lovely new pieces. I just have to say that I love when the things I order is so much more beautiful than I thought they would be!

He he sorry I'm a little over exited. Tomorrow I will try to make an outfit post, and I WILL make a post about my latest Bodyline purchase. You just have to nag about it :P Cuz I love your comments you know :P

So then I have to say good night and I hope you don't get pist off on me being too stressed out and lazy :P Hugs from Churi!


  1. ah! you got the blue one as well! Just like Luna!! It's soooo pretty!!!!


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