Thursday, September 29, 2011

Deep blue and baby pink

Hi guys! I'm so in love with my dress! This is my outfit today, I love it so much :D

And guess what! a friend fo mine just asked me to make an interview with her, for school project where she's going to write about identity:P So she wanted me to talk about Lolita and my style :D:D I'm so exited :D


  1. Oh, wow! :O I love the navy with the pink; the cardi and the headbow really emphasize the pink in the border print. It's really pretty. :D

    The interview sounds like it will be a lot of fun! :D

  2. Ommiiigosh! That dress is stunning on you! <3
    The pink works surpringly well with it too. :3

  3. What a cute coordinate,it's such a beautiful dress!

  4. Re: thanks people! :D and The Glass Princess, I actually use two petticoats and one highwaist tulleskirt :P

  5. You look super cute and pretty and gorgeous <3

  6. Such an adorable coordinate! >w< As always~
    The interview sounds like it'll be great!


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