Thursday, September 15, 2011

Classic Autumn

So I went down town after school today to deliver some books at the library, and looking for a new bag. For the first time in my life I'm in love with born, and leather bags, and today I finally found one :D

It was a little bit darker than I wanted it to be, but the size is perfect! :D

 And since it's autumn I finally found some white over knees and thights. I also bought some flower hairclips, because this autumn has really inspired me to do some classic Lolita outfits ;D


  1. Those rose clips are fantastic.. i have the same, in these colors, except for the red ones..I need those :p And the knee higs are nice! ♥

  2. god, i need new tight so badly, it's soooo boring to buy tho -.-

  3. The rose hairclips -- especially the bordeaux and white ones -- and the cable-knit socks are lovelyyyyy. :O

  4. I love flower clips! They're so versatile for many different styles! ^^

  5. LoL, I have those flower clips as well....the blakc and white ones. XD I didn´t see the red ones when I was looking, they´re quite lovely! I should also go tight-and-sock shopping myself, but like Zeruda´s so boooring (and, at least in Spain, expensive. =.= Lol my heart tells me to spend money on accesories and bags instead. Silly.)


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