Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Yellow bowtie

I was at the cinema with my class today and watched a totally retarded movie, and had a little abnormal singing lesson at school afterwards.

This is what I was wearing today. I finally made this skirt to fit perfectly :P

Thanks for 50 followers!!!! GOD i'm so happy. You guys are so amazing! :D:D thanks!


  1. I really like your hair in this picture :)

  2. aw this is so perfect! the cardi, the shoes, the bag! love it! <3

  3. I've never thought of wearing detachable this way! So cute ^.^ did you use a pattern to make your skirt?

  4. Re: Thanks :D heh... The glass Princess: the skirt was orginally an old wide and long skirt form my granma, so I just stiched it in sto it fitted my waist, and stiched some layers at the stop so the skirt became shorter :)

  5. I'm always in favor of wearing JSK bows on blouses! Adorable! :D


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