Thursday, August 18, 2011

A wonderful day!

Hi guys! I have allot to tell you today!

I woke up 08:15 AM and got dressed, fixed my hair and make up. I really have to say that I'm really happy about my hair and outfit today :D

Then I went downtown, to meet Helene which I haven't seen for like a month. Look how you she looks with her blue wig! :D We went a little shopping and then we ended up at a 50's Diner/bar where we had never been before. And we ordered the most amazing milkshake ever! :O

We was sitting there talking like forever and I looked trhough the Gothic & Lolita Bible (2008) I got from someone I traded a pair of earrings to. I just can't understand this girl wanted to give me this lovely item in trade for some earrings I just wanted 20 kr for! Anyway, she gladly haded to me, and now am a VERY happy Lolita.

Then I had to visit a family friend of mine, Ingunn and her two sons. I ate dinner there, and she thought me to bake my own healthy crackers!They are super yummy with allot of fibers.

I also helped her clean her closet and I cot a top with blondes, which I could use with Lolita and a brown skirt which I will try to make some Classic or some Gothic outfits with.

I just had a wonderful day, and I'm really looking forward to see Lasse again tomorrow!
Good Night :D


  1. Your outfit today was sooo pretty <3 Crackers look good as well :P

  2. That's so awesome! That really is a great day. :D

    You look so cute in yellow and red. @.@ That isn't a color combination that I think of often, and it's very pretty! I love all of the bows in your hair, too. :3

    I have a friend who owns the strawberry JSK in black, another friend who owns it in pink, and a third friend who owns it in blue. XD I should definitely get a strawberry JSK, too, because it's so cute. :D

    I'm happy you got to do so many awesome things today!


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