Saturday, August 13, 2011

Visiting my mom

Helo cuties!

Today I finally went to visit my mom and sleep over at her place. It's sad 'cause I haven't been with her all summer, just visiting her for a few hours. And she went on a cartrip with my stepfather and halfbrother, without telling me anything about it! Oh well... Now I'm here and I also wanted to show of tha last dress they bought for me:)

 Yes I wear Hello Kitty socks with my lace tights! It's beginning to get chilly here in Norway okey... xP

I did also deliver this cutie to his owner today. I often take care of him and he is so sweet!
His name is Bernt and he is a Bichon Havane. He is very fluffy, loves me and his owner, and barcks ALOT when he hears unusual noises -.- I love him even tho I get really innoyed by him sometimes x'D

So right now I'm sitting on my room, listeing to K-on music and trying to sell some stuff at Facebook x'D
Have a nice day people :D

N.B. Some pictures are lost because of trouble with my google drive.


  1. look cute ^^ i like this dress but not on me of course ;)

  2. The pink and black together is really cute! :D And I love your phone. >3< <3

  3. You look so cute ! :D
    And the dog is cute too! :D



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