Sunday, August 7, 2011

Still watching anime

Since I don't have anything to do these days I'm watching allot of anime instead. I do have a lot to blog about but I will take that later when I'm in the mood.

I just wanted to share this with you because this song makes me very happy!

I just finished K-on! Season 2, and I will highly recommend it. They are so funny and they make me want to play in a band even more! :)

Have a nice day cuties:3


  1. I love K-on! The girls are sooo cute *w*

  2. i love k-oon too!! :D i can play some of the songs on guitar ^^. do you know there's a movie coming out soon?

  3. I love k-on too xD
    Your site is very beautiful and I'm following you :3
    That doll in your sidebar is very cute!
    I like here! I'll be happy if you visit me too.
    I hope I expressed myself well because I don't speak English very well ;___; Sorry...


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