Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lolita bags review

So as you may remember I got a new heart bag some weeks ago. So here is the review of that one and the other bag I ordered.

I bought them from Ebay/Little Chilli Shop, brought to me by EMS and it took about two weeks (don't remember exactly). They where raped in plastic and laid in a shoe box. There was no big damage on the package, and the bags seemed just fine when I opened up.

Both looked exactly the same as on the photos at the shop, and the colors seemed also right. The bags seem solid, the straps are comfortable, and the details is lovely! The pink bag has a Zipper to close with and the purple one uses a magnetic button.

On the second bag it has a long shoulder strap which is perfect if I have to hurry andthe bag fits perfect for other outfits than Lolita too.The bows on both this one and the pink one sits perfectly, but they are not sewn into the bag or glued, but the middle part kinda goes into the bag if you know what I mean. at one point this makes the look a little wired.

The pink bag has pockets on the back and on the front, which is perfect for thin cellphone or an Ipod.

They both do also have a pocket with a zipper inside.

 If I have to makes so drawback on this order, it would be on the lace detail on the purple bag. As you can see the corners pops out, like they have been broken. I don't know if it is intended to be like this, but I have been thinking about fixing it with some glue. NP :D

I'm really happy I got these bags, since I have been wanting them since like forever. They are already my favorite bags, which I use everyday. I will even though give these bags a 9/10 and that is because of the drawback on the purple one :)


  1. Aw, be careful with the pink one. I know this for my own experience that this type of straps will break fast, just above the heart :( A tailor can fix it, but it will soon break again, so it's not worth it. I have experienced this more than once. I only buy bags with straps attached to a metal ring, just like your purple one, they don't break, because they're more flexible :)

    Gosh I love the purple one so much <3

  2. I love these bags so much. <3 Thank you for posting a review on them; it was very helpful! I will definitely look into purchasing from Little Chilli Shop in the future~.

    @Zeruda: I had no idea the straps could break, so I'm really happy you mentioned that. :D I keep that in mind~.

  3. re Zeruda: yes I have seen what happend with your pink and white candy bag... I just hope it will last for a little while :S I love it so much :D

  4. these are so pretty, i want to see that seller's store now ^^).

    i think the lace on the purple bag is supposed to be that way, but i bet it would look nice glued down as well :3.


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