Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 22 - A picture of your room.

Hello people! Sorry for not updating for a wile, but both of my laptops are taken from me at the moment, and I just don't have anything to blog about, so here is a challenge post to make you entertained ;)

Actually I have three rooms.. The one home to my mom, the one home to my dad, and my boyfriends room, which I spends allot of time in :P But today I will post pictures of the room home to my dad, 1. because it's here I live most of the time, and 2. I love this room!

I absolute adore my  room when it's all shiny and tidy, and it always smells good in here x'P

So this is what you see when you enter my room. I have ALLOT of stuff, so it's completely impossible to move stuff and place it another place... Things stands on their perfect place :P

Here is where the blogging and tumblring happens. I can't live without a desk... I spend all my time here :S

This is my favorite part of the room... I love all the stuff I have on the wall, and the colors makes me so happy!

Since I study music, I have to play guitar at school, and my father is also a musician, so we have allot of instruments laying around :D

 Here is the most of my accessories. I like to have control over my bows, since they are something I wear on the daily basis.

A tiny pic of my closet.
I don't really think I would go through it jet since I'm a quite new Lolita, so I don't have much to show anyway, just allot of mess.

I really hope you liked my room.
Have a nice day = ^o^ =


  1. Wow your room is really pretty *w* though I can image it getting messy very quick :P that happens to me all the time -.-

  2. Awesome room!! I love how you display your bows!

  3. Very cute room, and owwwww..I want your wardrobe! o/

  4. Your room is so cool! I love your cubby-shelf and your bed. :D I love the bright colors, too~.

    I think it's awesome that you study music! I love guitar~.

  5. Heehee~ Your room looks so comfy! <3

  6. i love your first room, it looks so neat ^^ (and a lot like my friends room).

  7. I love your room! Especially your bed with the shelves over it! ~ <3


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