Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 18 - A picture of your favorite lolita style.

This is so hard because I love Lolita because all of the styles is SO amazing! :D I will consider myself as a sweet Lolita, but I do also love Gothic and Classic.

But since this is such a hard choice I picked a picture of a coord which I think is a mix between classic and Sweet.
I do also think that I will start buying Lolita pieces which Could be used in several styles.
Do you have any tips about using one Lolita piece in several styles?


  1. Hi :3
    (o゜ェ゜o)Your picture is very cute!
    Thank you for visiting me! I was very happy!
    The Lolita styles I like best are the sweet lolita and hime lolita.
    I love the lolita style and I want to use, but here in the city where I live I can not find anything about lolita ;___;
    Do not know much about the style, but I think white shirts are perfect to almost all lolita style ... I'm not sure what I think is correct...◑.◑
    kisses....and sorry for my bad english ◐.̃◐

  2. OMG the jumping dog is SO CUTE *w* I like sweet lolita best I think, because lately I've had quite an obsession with pink (I'm a little frigthened by myself o.o) <3

  3. I love that coordinate. :O I consider myself to be a sweet lolita with classic inclinations, too. :D

    In regards to using one piece in different styles, I think the key is to make sure that it is a versatile color, and that the cut of it would be difficult to define. Like, something that isn't too ruffly *or* too plain.

    F Yeah Lolita did a really good article on this sort of subject: . I hope that helps! :D

  4. I'm no lolita, but this may help. If you buy things in muted pinks and creams, it can probably co country, sweet, and classic. Solids are best for making them do more than one type. If you like country lolita, than soft florals and fruit patterns can work. Hope this helped! ^^

  5. Re: thanks alot! Ye I've been tinging about solig colors, and am going to buy some solid color pieces.... But sometimes I just can't stand the uber cute prints! o_O :P


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