Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 16 & 17 - beacuse I'm always forgetting this!

So I have totally been forgetting this challenge, so AGAIN I'm going to take two in one post:)

Day 16 - Your outfit for the day.

So today I was dressing up for real again after a long time. I finally got to use my new tivoli horse socks with my dress and as you see I have also gotten a new REALLY cute Lolita bag!

I think I will make a review of this and the other bag I got later:)

Day 17 - What do you want more than simply anything right now?
To get skinny and healthy.... AND have a lot of money so I can order a BIG purchase from Bodyline x'P


  1. You look absolutely adorable! Also, I love the rhinestoned pokeball on your purse! So cute! ^^

  2. You are so cute! XD
    And I need money too, Lolita style is very expensive T.T

  3. Hello. :3 I just found out about your blog today because I follow Violet LeBeaux, too. :D

    Aaah! I just recently got that JSK in the lavender colorway, and it's so refreshing to see it in the yellow colorway because it seems to be really uncommon~.

    And I love your bag. @_@ Is it from Bodyline? I'm not sure if I've ever seen that bag before. :D

  4. Re: I ordered the bag from ebay. It's a AP replica I think. Have been in love with it for several months now, so I'm so happy that I finally have it :D

  5. Oh, that's great! :D I keep forgetting about ebay for lolita; it seems to be such a big mess of really nice things and really bad things. XD

    Thank you so much for following me; I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog entries! :D

  6. Oh I love the deco pokéwalker on your bag X3


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