Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Challenge and housewok

I'm a little bored at the moment so I wanted to post another challenge post and write a little about my day :P

Day 21 - Your favorite fictional lolita.
I don't really have one accact favorite fictional Lolita, but I think Victorique is very beautiful and I love her EGL/EGA style :D (Elegant gothic Lolita/ Elegant Gothic Aristocrat)

She is also pretty funny in her anime Gosick.

So today I have really been working. I cleaned the entire apartment! Kitchen, living room, toilet, bath and sleeping room. All vacuumed, dust free, spotless, and shiny. I even watched the floor on my knees :S I washed some laundry, folded and hang clothes and did some dished.
After this I did some exercise and tried some yoga. I used olive oil in my hair so it will be shiny and healthy, watched TV with a face cleansing mask for 15 minutes and a hairmask after a lovely shower! 
So now after cleaning up after the dinner I'm just chilling out. I think I will walk to the grocery store and deliver some bottles soon:) 

I'm just very happy at the moment! :D


  1. hahaha it's so cool that you cleaned your place XD and how was yoga anyway? I've always thought it was overestimated o.o

  2. Re Helene G.A.R: Yoga was tiresome x'D I only could do it for like 9 minutes and then I was exhausted! you can't be stiff as a pole and have muscles like fish balls (like me) to do yoga :P

  3. That's a lot of work for one day! XD Next to ballet, yoga is the most difficult exercise I've ever done. @.@ So much muscle control. X_X

    And I LOVE Gosick. I haven't seen the whole thing yet, but I love Victorique, and I love mysteries. The ending theme song is so pretty, too. @.@

  4. Hehe that sounds like my kind of weekend! I haven't treated myself to that in way too long.


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