Thursday, September 1, 2011

Blog Award!

So the other day I noticed that the lovely Glass Princess gave me a blog award! So check out her lovely blog :D

So the rules for the blog award is:
1.) Write seven random facts about yourself.
2.) Nominate 15 lovely bloggers.
3.) Link back the person that gave the award.

Seven random facts:
1. On Monday at my first gymnastics classes this year i managed to sprain my thumb, so I can't move it because it is huge and blue :S
2. I was borned with black hair, got platina blond and totally strait hair, and do have light brown(natural) hair with curls at the moment.
3. Me and Lasse have been together in one year two months and one and a half week.
4. I'm afraid I will end up like a shopaholic as an adult.
5. I will may be move out by my self in a few months.
6. I have singing classes at school, even though I know I don't have the most beautiful voice.
7. I hate belly buttons :S

And then some lovely bloggers!
1. Zeruda -
Zerudas blog was the first Lolita blog I started to read, and I remember I was so over exited when she started to comment back on my blog :P
2. Emilia Anttonen -
Her outfits are so cute!
3. Luna -
I find allot of inspiration in this blog, and I love her brand items discussions.
4. Yoshh -
A very cute Finnish sweet Lolita which always makes me smile :D
5. Larissa -
I love her style, and her outfits are always really inspiring!
6. Caro-chan -
This was also one of the first Lolita blogs I read, and it gave me allot of tips the first months of my Lolita birth.
7. Helene -
Helene is a really good friend of mine which I can talk about Lolita with as much as I want! :D
8. The Glass Princess -
I had to put her in this list too because I love her style, and that she is alittle "alternative" Lolita.
9. Spiffykidd -
I feel I can put my feet in her shoes the most of the time, and I get allot of inspiration from her!
10. Serepuff -
She has an unic style and i absolutely love it! thanks for existing!
11. Justine Chantelle Abad -
Her creations is very beautiful and so is her outfits.
12. Mio -
I love her hair so much, and her twist between fairy key and Lolita is so cool! :P
13. Iiraliina -
She is the reason that I have really liked gothic lolita this summer.
14. Aesthetic Lolita -
I'm just jealous! she is too beautiful, and have too much lovely things! I want her closet and room! :'(
15. Ellinor -
her creations is wonderful and I love her outfits! She gives me allot of inspiration!


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