Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bento box review

It's time for school and this year I really want to have some healthy delicious lunch at school without using any money at the cafeteria. So I decided to buy a bento box to start with, and this is my review.

I bought the bento box at Ebay it was brought by EMS and ended up at my place almost three weeks later (it took some time :S).

Here is all the pieces of the bento box. by favorite parts is the top and the very cute mini chopsticks!  I also thought it was quite smart to have a divider in the first layer and separate covers, so the food won't get all messed up. I also love that it is yellow, which is one of my absolute favorite colors, and the bears are just too cute to eat :P

As you can see it also have a rubber band around it so it all is stuck on place. As I said this is my favorite part, and the print is absolute adorable. One BIG drawback on this order was that it arrived with a BIG crack at the top lock! I was so sad when I discovered it, even though I could fix it with some glue.

 On this side of the box it is also a cute print at the top layer. Also here the box has one drawback. at the side of the box there a two stains. First i thought it was just dirt, but when I tried to wash it, I realized it didn't go away. I think this is very sad especially since it's brand new!

Disregarded the drawback, I love my new bento box, and I can't wait making food to it and use it for school :D I will give this bento box a 6/10 and if it wasn't because of the major drawback it would gotten topscore ;)


  1. It really is too bad about the crack :(( but the bento box was totally cute x3

  2. you don't get free lunch in the schools in Norway? O_O

    It's really adorable! I love the color!! Sad it wasn't in perfect condition :(

  3. it's so cute!! ^^ i have the same bento with a different design. i think it'd be helpful to look up how to fill them, since they look pretty small but it's actually pretty hard to fill them so that your food doesn't rattle around x3. or maybe it's just me, haha.

  4. Re Zeruda: heh no.... They sell expensive salads and bread and stuff.... but I try not to use all my money on that sort of crap :S

  5. We have to pay for food at schools in America, too~. Unless you can get a special meal plan for the not-so-good food, but you have to be very, very poor to get it for free. :(

    It's too bad your bento came with such a big crack in it! :( It's really cute~.

  6. Aw man that crack is such a bummer! Otherwise it's a fantastically adorable bento box.

  7. Tell the seller about the crack and the stains and they might send you a new one,-they rarely make you return the one you allready got ;o)


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