Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Yellow bowtie

I was at the cinema with my class today and watched a totally retarded movie, and had a little abnormal singing lesson at school afterwards.

This is what I was wearing today. I finally made this skirt to fit perfectly :P

Thanks for 50 followers!!!! GOD i'm so happy. You guys are so amazing! :D:D thanks!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 22 - A picture of your room.

Hello people! Sorry for not updating for a wile, but both of my laptops are taken from me at the moment, and I just don't have anything to blog about, so here is a challenge post to make you entertained ;)

Actually I have three rooms.. The one home to my mom, the one home to my dad, and my boyfriends room, which I spends allot of time in :P But today I will post pictures of the room home to my dad, 1. because it's here I live most of the time, and 2. I love this room!

I absolute adore my  room when it's all shiny and tidy, and it always smells good in here x'P

So this is what you see when you enter my room. I have ALLOT of stuff, so it's completely impossible to move stuff and place it another place... Things stands on their perfect place :P

Here is where the blogging and tumblring happens. I can't live without a desk... I spend all my time here :S

This is my favorite part of the room... I love all the stuff I have on the wall, and the colors makes me so happy!

Since I study music, I have to play guitar at school, and my father is also a musician, so we have allot of instruments laying around :D

 Here is the most of my accessories. I like to have control over my bows, since they are something I wear on the daily basis.

A tiny pic of my closet.
I don't really think I would go through it jet since I'm a quite new Lolita, so I don't have much to show anyway, just allot of mess.

I really hope you liked my room.
Have a nice day = ^o^ =

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back to school!

So yesterday it was first day of school. And this year did also Lasse join me at the buss, since he's begging at the same school as me :D

I don't have much to tell exactly, but I just wanted to show you guys the first bento I made!

The big one was the bento I made for Lasse. I have to say It looks kinda tasty, and it wasn't that awful to eat either :P School means that my bays will be allot more busy than they were this summer, but I will try to blog as often as I can :D

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bento box review

It's time for school and this year I really want to have some healthy delicious lunch at school without using any money at the cafeteria. So I decided to buy a bento box to start with, and this is my review.

I bought the bento box at Ebay it was brought by EMS and ended up at my place almost three weeks later (it took some time :S).

Here is all the pieces of the bento box. by favorite parts is the top and the very cute mini chopsticks!  I also thought it was quite smart to have a divider in the first layer and separate covers, so the food won't get all messed up. I also love that it is yellow, which is one of my absolute favorite colors, and the bears are just too cute to eat :P

As you can see it also have a rubber band around it so it all is stuck on place. As I said this is my favorite part, and the print is absolute adorable. One BIG drawback on this order was that it arrived with a BIG crack at the top lock! I was so sad when I discovered it, even though I could fix it with some glue.

 On this side of the box it is also a cute print at the top layer. Also here the box has one drawback. at the side of the box there a two stains. First i thought it was just dirt, but when I tried to wash it, I realized it didn't go away. I think this is very sad especially since it's brand new!

Disregarded the drawback, I love my new bento box, and I can't wait making food to it and use it for school :D I will give this bento box a 6/10 and if it wasn't because of the major drawback it would gotten topscore ;)

Friday, August 19, 2011


Some days ago I watched the movie Enchanted again. And this is also one of the movie that reminds me how much I love Lolita. I was never crazy about princesses as a little kid, but as I got into Lolita, I just love them more and more:P

This movie is about a fair maid being transported to New York by an evil Queen, which is afraid she will lose her crown, when her stepson marries her. In New York she meet a kind man and his daughter which takes care of her. Her prince comes to rescue her, while the queens helper tries to stop him. And then the adventure starts, trying to figure out whats reality and whats fantasy.

This movie really makes me laugh, and it shows how stupid some fairy tales can be. It also makes me think about what's important in life, and that it's important to smile and be happy. And even though I had seen it before, I was just as exited at the ending.

So if you want to watch a funny romantic comedy, in real Disney Classics style, you have to see this one! And no, it's not only for girls ;) Enjoy!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A wonderful day!

Hi guys! I have allot to tell you today!

I woke up 08:15 AM and got dressed, fixed my hair and make up. I really have to say that I'm really happy about my hair and outfit today :D

Then I went downtown, to meet Helene which I haven't seen for like a month. Look how you she looks with her blue wig! :D We went a little shopping and then we ended up at a 50's Diner/bar where we had never been before. And we ordered the most amazing milkshake ever! :O

We was sitting there talking like forever and I looked trhough the Gothic & Lolita Bible (2008) I got from someone I traded a pair of earrings to. I just can't understand this girl wanted to give me this lovely item in trade for some earrings I just wanted 20 kr for! Anyway, she gladly haded to me, and now am a VERY happy Lolita.

Then I had to visit a family friend of mine, Ingunn and her two sons. I ate dinner there, and she thought me to bake my own healthy crackers!They are super yummy with allot of fibers.

I also helped her clean her closet and I cot a top with blondes, which I could use with Lolita and a brown skirt which I will try to make some Classic or some Gothic outfits with.

I just had a wonderful day, and I'm really looking forward to see Lasse again tomorrow!
Good Night :D

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lolita bags review

So as you may remember I got a new heart bag some weeks ago. So here is the review of that one and the other bag I ordered.

I bought them from Ebay/Little Chilli Shop, brought to me by EMS and it took about two weeks (don't remember exactly). They where raped in plastic and laid in a shoe box. There was no big damage on the package, and the bags seemed just fine when I opened up.

Both looked exactly the same as on the photos at the shop, and the colors seemed also right. The bags seem solid, the straps are comfortable, and the details is lovely! The pink bag has a Zipper to close with and the purple one uses a magnetic button.

On the second bag it has a long shoulder strap which is perfect if I have to hurry andthe bag fits perfect for other outfits than Lolita too.The bows on both this one and the pink one sits perfectly, but they are not sewn into the bag or glued, but the middle part kinda goes into the bag if you know what I mean. at one point this makes the look a little wired.

The pink bag has pockets on the back and on the front, which is perfect for thin cellphone or an Ipod.

They both do also have a pocket with a zipper inside.

 If I have to makes so drawback on this order, it would be on the lace detail on the purple bag. As you can see the corners pops out, like they have been broken. I don't know if it is intended to be like this, but I have been thinking about fixing it with some glue. NP :D

I'm really happy I got these bags, since I have been wanting them since like forever. They are already my favorite bags, which I use everyday. I will even though give these bags a 9/10 and that is because of the drawback on the purple one :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Challenge and housewok

I'm a little bored at the moment so I wanted to post another challenge post and write a little about my day :P

Day 21 - Your favorite fictional lolita.
I don't really have one accact favorite fictional Lolita, but I think Victorique is very beautiful and I love her EGL/EGA style :D (Elegant gothic Lolita/ Elegant Gothic Aristocrat)

She is also pretty funny in her anime Gosick.

So today I have really been working. I cleaned the entire apartment! Kitchen, living room, toilet, bath and sleeping room. All vacuumed, dust free, spotless, and shiny. I even watched the floor on my knees :S I washed some laundry, folded and hang clothes and did some dished.
After this I did some exercise and tried some yoga. I used olive oil in my hair so it will be shiny and healthy, watched TV with a face cleansing mask for 15 minutes and a hairmask after a lovely shower! 
So now after cleaning up after the dinner I'm just chilling out. I think I will walk to the grocery store and deliver some bottles soon:) 

I'm just very happy at the moment! :D

Day 20 - A picture of a lolita friend.

Good morning guys!
I was pretty a morning bird today and woke up 9 am, instead of 1 pm which I have done the past weeks:P

I feel like I have to get going with this challenge now, and today I have to post a picture of a lolita friend!
Unfortunately I don't have any Lolita friends at the moment. But I decided to post a picture of my lovely friend Helene, which is very facinated my Lolita fashion.
Here she is at Desucon in Oslo with her lovely Bodyline Lolita skirt :D She's so cute :D:D

Helene is so fun to dress up with, and I don't feel uncomfortable walking around in Lolita with her at all :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 19 - What's in your makeup bag?

After living at Lasses' place for almost 3 weeks, I'm finally at my own room again:P So I decided to make a challenge post today.

So today post is about what I have in my makeup bag, of make that I travel with and use every day.

(click to enlarge)

I do have allot of other products that I use for cleansing and for my hair, but I thought I could show them in another post if you guys want :)

So what do you have in your makeup bag?
Do you use products similar to this?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Visiting my mom

Helo cuties!

Today I finally went to visit my mom and sleep over at her place. It's sad 'cause I haven't been with her all summer, just visiting her for a few hours. And she went on a cartrip with my stepfather and halfbrother, without telling me anything about it! Oh well... Now I'm here and I also wanted to show of tha last dress they bought for me:)

 Yes I wear Hello Kitty socks with my lace tights! It's beginning to get chilly here in Norway okey... xP

I did also deliver this cutie to his owner today. I often take care of him and he is so sweet!
His name is Bernt and he is a Bichon Havane. He is very fluffy, loves me and his owner, and barcks ALOT when he hears unusual noises -.- I love him even tho I get really innoyed by him sometimes x'D

So right now I'm sitting on my room, listeing to K-on music and trying to sell some stuff at Facebook x'D
Have a nice day people :D

N.B. Some pictures are lost because of trouble with my google drive.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 18 - A picture of your favorite lolita style.

This is so hard because I love Lolita because all of the styles is SO amazing! :D I will consider myself as a sweet Lolita, but I do also love Gothic and Classic.

But since this is such a hard choice I picked a picture of a coord which I think is a mix between classic and Sweet.
I do also think that I will start buying Lolita pieces which Could be used in several styles.
Do you have any tips about using one Lolita piece in several styles?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 16 & 17 - beacuse I'm always forgetting this!

So I have totally been forgetting this challenge, so AGAIN I'm going to take two in one post:)

Day 16 - Your outfit for the day.

So today I was dressing up for real again after a long time. I finally got to use my new tivoli horse socks with my dress and as you see I have also gotten a new REALLY cute Lolita bag!

I think I will make a review of this and the other bag I got later:)

Day 17 - What do you want more than simply anything right now?
To get skinny and healthy.... AND have a lot of money so I can order a BIG purchase from Bodyline x'P

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Still watching anime

Since I don't have anything to do these days I'm watching allot of anime instead. I do have a lot to blog about but I will take that later when I'm in the mood.

I just wanted to share this with you because this song makes me very happy!

I just finished K-on! Season 2, and I will highly recommend it. They are so funny and they make me want to play in a band even more! :)

Have a nice day cuties:3

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I'm sorry for not blogging anything lately, I just don't feel able to do it in these times. SO I hope you understand.

I just wanted to tell that I was in my friends funeral today. It was really sad.... I had no idea I would experience this. But I think it was nice to have the prime minister of Norway there in this sorrow, and that his two Norwegian idol musicians play at his funeral. In the memorial me and the rest of the music students sang in a choir for him and everyone got the chance to be together.

I just wanted to tel because I will never forget him. Rest in peace my friend<3

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