Monday, July 25, 2011

Stading together

So today me, Lasse and my dad went down town,to listen to some speeches by politicians and survivors, and listened to musicians which played for the deaths after the bombing and massacre here in Norway last Friday.

After this we walked around in the streets with torches. All this happened in poring rain, and I have never been this soaked in water ever. But it felt good. Standing there with about 20 000 people, crying together, singing together, was something that I will never forget.

My friend is still missing, and I really hope he has survied anyway, but some times my hope just floats away. But after an event like this, I still want to hope! Come home Håkon, now! <3


  1. This made me cry :'( and i guess sad weather on a sad day is pretty perfect after all.


  2. I didn't recognize Trondheim at first! :O
    I've been into town and lit some candles a few days ago. It's a small town, but in the center, there are LOTS of flowers and candles, it's really beautiful c':

  3. i hope ur friend is ok ....have hope


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