Friday, July 15, 2011

Dream time

Right now I'm just daydreaming about wonderful and cute things :)

An by the way, I mailed Baby the Stars Shine Bright last night about restocking the parasols, and unfortunately they answered that they won't be restocking them until next year -.- I have to say I think it's  kinda stupid, by a such a big brand to do something like this, don't they want new customers. I will continue my search though, and if I don't find anything until next year I will try to order from BTSSB :)


  1. It really sucks Baby isn't restocking until next year. If it helps any, I found this taobao store that sells mostly parasols...
    I'm not sure how good they are overall, but I've heard they're legit.
    Best of luck!

  2. Re theanneh: ah thanks a lot, I will take a look at it, but yea it's really sad because I REALLY wanted that parasol! :O

  3. Well, think about it this way... These parasols are really cheap, and so they can at least hold you over until Baby restocks without hurting your wallet. :3

  4. Re theanneh: well.. you have a really good point x'D Tho... the BTSSB parasols weren't more expensive than other umbrellas I can buy in my hometown... But I hope I can find some cheap lovely ones:)


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