Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Baby blue touch

As I said I went shopping yesterday, and this blue cardigan was the one thing I bought. I haven't used this skirt so often since I have a dress which is exactly the same x'D So before I'm dying it black, I had to try it out again with some baby blue.

I thought this coord turned out pretty nice, and it would not be the last time I'm wearing it :D I did also cut my bangs, finally! and I curled my hair:) I love what vacation does to me <3


  1. Söt blogg! :)
    Kolla gärna in min - http://emmabrink.blogspot.com/

  2. Is that the skirt you're dyeing? XD I hope you'll post the result on the blog :D

  3. Re Helene G.A.R.: I will, but I have to find black dye which works first:P


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