Thursday, June 2, 2011

Shopping but no ordering

So I did some shopping by my self yesterday and I'm sorry I could post about last night, but I didn't get my mac before late at night, since I was going to my mom this weekend. Anyways... As I always do, I walked into the children's corner of H&M and found some lovely "jewelry", some new pink bows and a VERY cute Strawberry Hello Kitty! :D I also found two pairs of knee-lenght socks at H&M and a bloomers-ish shorts on Cubus :D

Very happy about what I bought, but one problem. I was thinking about FINALLY order something from Body Line again yesterday, I made the ordering list, and when I asked my stepfather about checking it out, he told me he was absolutely BROKE!!!! I was thinking about giving him the money in cash afterwards, but no. So I became a little pist off :(

But okey, I won't make that ruin my hole weekend, which actually started yesterday :D:D Have a nice day!

N.B. Some pictures are lost because of trouble with my google drive.


  1. Such cute items! I love the strawberry Hello Kitty.

  2. Ooh surt da! Jaja, du får sikkert kjøpt d en anna gang om ikke leng ;-)

    Kjæmpesøte ting forrestesten :)


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