Saturday, June 4, 2011

Happy International Lolita day!

I have nothing special to blog about today, but I just want to wish everyone a happy international Lolita day! I am dressed in Lolita today, but the outfit was nothing special so I won't post any pictures of it. I really wish there was a Lolita meetup here in Trondheim today, but since I don't know a SINGLE Lolita, I will spending my time gaming with my boyfriend instead:D

Have a nice day!


  1. Aha two girls out of my local comm joined me at my house to do some gaming so I'm glad gaming on ILD is common. Our outfits were super casual and not really blog worthy either so we didn't take pictures as well.

  2. Hey ChuriChan did you say you didn't know any norwegian lolitas? I think I just found one :) here: she said that there are 10 norwegian lolitas calling themselves Lolitaes ^^


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