Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Guess what! Finally I got my package from Body Line, and I'm so happy! Everything I ordered turned out to be much prettier than I expected,  and I just can't stop smiling! :D

So I ordered two JSK's, one yellow one with strawberrys, which fits perfect for summer, and a black and pink one. I just fell in love with this print, but I didn't want it to be TOO sweet, so I chose the black one, I love it!

 I will post pictures with me wearing them Later <^o,^>

 I ordered a short petty coat which gave my old chiffon petty just the poof it needed.

Three pair of very cute socks which matches all my dresses:D

And last but at least I ordered a pink wig!
The collor is a bit darker than it turned out be be on the picture, and it's SO soft with lovely curls!

So I'm REALLY happy for what I ordered, and I guess I will wear everything ALOT! But one thing bothers me alot... I thought I ordered a pair of bloomers, which didn't came in the package... It wasn't written on the product list on the package, and I will check the deposit slip for the order soon... I hope I haven't paid for something I didn't get :(

Edit: I realized I didn't order any bloomers, I just thought I did! how sad! x'D But really, I wanted some fluffy bloomers.


  1. CUTE!! I love the clothes, especially that yellow dress with the strawberries, and dude, I love the pink wig! its amazing!

  2. the pink is actually a lovely shade! and if i was going to buy the ice cream jsk id gget it in black ^^

  3. woow, a wig! I can't wait to see you in it at school after the summer :D

    The dresses were also very pretty :D Soon you will have a closet full of beautiful dresses ;-D

  4. Cute!~ Isn't it wonderful getting packages?
    I can't wait to see pics of you modleing the clothes!~ I bet they'll be just fantastic~


  5. I love all the things you bought. >u< The yellow jsk is so cute and summery! Pefect for picnics. :3♥
    And of course I love the black JSK a lot too. (xD I own it in that colour as well!)

    GOSH! That wig looks amazing too! I really love the colour. :3

  6. The wig shade looks lovely on you! I love the socks. The pony ones are so cute!


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