Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 9 - 10 things you never do in goodwill lolita

So this is one of the days, that I just don't care about my hair, or make up, and are JUST chilling out, so than I have nothing else to blog about than the Lolita challenge :P

So I like to wear Lolita in every occasion, so some of these points are kinda obvious.
 1. Any sport stuff:P I hate sports, without running 60metres and the STOP! :P but not it Lolita. Poor beautiful pieces!
 2. Swim. I Love to swim, but not it Lolita, it's pretty heavy, and IF I had swimming wear, it would take like forever to take off my lolita outfit, take a swim, and wait to dry so I can put it on again :P

3.  Cleaning the whole house! I have done that before, it's heavy, AND hot :S

4. Exploring or a foot trip in the mountains. I hate it so much already!

5. Outside work. Even it is gardening, or any outside activities, were my clothes can get dirty is unacceptable.  

6. Traveling long distances. I don't mind a car trip of a couple ours, but VERY long trips which contains several days, without changing, sleeping in a seat and... yea you know. That would be kinda exhausting. 

7. Taking care of animals, and then I mean working with them at a shelter or something. 8. Having dance or theatre classes. So now I'm unfortunately done with those classes, but it's  quite tiresome, wearing tons of clothes, when your are rolling on the floor acting like a turtle:P

9. Going to my cabin. May be the one with water and electricity, but not the one were your are one with the nature, and you have no access to fresh up without cleaning wipes, and stearin lights.

10. Dying my hair. I have dyed my hair a lot of times and I KNOW, hair dye stains at your clothes:S

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