Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 8 - 10 Songs That inspire you for lolita.

So now it's time to list some music for you guys. I really love music, but it's kinda hard to list ten songs that inspires me for Lolita. I will even though find some music that I like. Enjoy :3

I'm a big fan of Kanon Wakeshimas look, and her style
 of both Lolita and music is SO beautiful

It isn't the song that ispires me much, but I love the video!

First off all, this is the coolest Lolita music video I EVER seen!, Nanas punk style is so cool!

So I think this song is really funny, and I always gets in a good mood when I listen to it. I also like the theme in the video.

So Perfume is bot a Lolita group, but I love their pretty style, and their fancy music:P
I'll feel kinda happy when I listen to this song too.

So this was the first song I ever heard of perfume, and I always gets in a good mood while listening to it, and while I watch the video, I really want to shop xP

So, I don't actually like the video, but since several Lolita have used this song in their Lolita transformation videos, I really gets in Lolita mood while listening to it.

It just makes me happy! And that is what Lolita is all about right :P

And when it comes to my Gothic corner this song is my favorite, I really
want to make a coordinate inspired buy this song and video.

So this is also a song I just gets really happy while
listening to it :D this is my years summer song:P

So today it was selection for this years oral exam, and I wasn't selected!!!! I'm so happy! So now I have no school until Tuesday, to days with just fun school stuff, and the summer vacation! :D:D


  1. Ohh~ Awesome to see you're doing the challenge too (>u< )~ I really like the music you've picked out :'D!

    I'm doing the challenge too, so I'd love it if you checked my blog out (>u< )!~

  2. I like the "shopping"-video of Perfume :D Japanish music is so exiting and different from the music we have here :p


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