Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 10 - What's in your bag?

So... I have nothing to blog about today eather.... my package form Bodyline was going to be delivered yesterday, but it didn't come -.- So, then I have to wait to tomorrow :(

So I was kind of exiting to this one, because I like pics like the one I made about what you have in your bag:D

 I have used this bag for a while now, and I don't like it so much, but it has a LOT of space and it's comfortable... And I doesn't own many others:P

And this is what I have in my bag:

(Click picture to enlarge!)

So this is what I have in my bag most of the time :D Not very interesting, is it? x'D
But i liked this challenge post much better than the other "top ten 10"-list I have written earlier!

What do you think?
Is my bag items similar to yours?


  1. alle innleggan starte med "So..." x)

  2. koffor skriv du egentlig på engelsk?..

  3. Re: sorry:P Skriv på engelsk fordi de fleste leseran mine forstår ikke norsk ;) enkelt og greit:P

  4. This was fun and cute! ^^ you have so much cute stuff in your purse ^^ I travel light, only carry keys, cellphone and wallet (but when to think of it wallet has headache pills, band aids and a pocket mirror inside) ;)

    haha, gud, din kommentar är så söt, norska är så gulligt ^^

  5. Re Zeruda: He he thanks:D Sometimes I have just my wallet and my cellphone, but I like to be prepared for everything:P

    and yea.. Norwegian :P I don't like it too much, wish we only could have English as a mother tongue :P But anyways... I think Swedish is funny tho, so many funny words! X'D


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