Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cool story bro!

I had in thoughts to post some pictures of my outfit today, but my hair is a mess and a day a school ruined everything -.- Anyways. We have NOTHING to do nowadays at school. 3th grade have their music exams this week, and we (first and second graders) are gonna watch their concerts. So all I've been doing today is watching talented people perform.

So nowadays, I'm REALLY ready for summer vacation. It's only two weeks left! And I really hope I'm not gonna have oral exam.

So I have nothing to do at school, I want summer vacation, Laze could not visit me anyways today and I have began to play computer games again, and now I'm addicted to a game called PWI (Perfect World International), were I run around like a mermaid with feet or a mix between fox and human, killing monsters and collect stuff: :P That's pretty much what I'm doing lately, so I hope I will come with some more interesting posts soon :)


  1. Watashi wa anata o aishite imasu! :) Watashi wa anata no ashita o hōmon suru koto ga dekimasu negatte imasu. Ai wa, konpyūtagēmu o hatashite iru koto o! : D

  2. That game looks really cool xD and I can't wait till summer vacation either D:


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