Friday, June 24, 2011

Car trip to Denmark!

Hi everybody!
So now I'm busy packing for the car trip I'm going on with my dad tomorrow! I'm so exited. We're going to Denmark and I hope we will get a lot of nice weather so I get dress up with Lolita often :D
So because of that I will may be not blog for about one and a half week :( Sorry guys, but it is summer vacation and then a can't spend all day on Blogger! (or I shouldn't do it :P)
So I hope you are doing fine, and bye bye ;) <3


  1. Ah, so fun. I going on car trip with my dad to denmark in a week! *so funny* Hope the weather will get very nice^^ I totaly love denmark myself ~
    Have a nice vacation and i totally love that you wear Lolita. It's so cutee ~

  2. bruker du google translate? ser ut som du oversetter rett fra trøndersk til engelsk, og det blir veldig ofte feil. Bare sier i fra! :)

  3. Re Anon: No, am actually writing on English by my self, but I'm not that good at English x'D That's one of the reason I'm doing this, so I can practice a little every day ;)

  4. I love cartrips, I'm sure you will have so much fun ;D When are you coming back?

  5. Re Sigrid: I'm coming home around 4th of July :DThanks by the way :D

  6. it looks like you had a lovely day! i replied on my blog to your lovely comments, but i just wanted to say thankyou for them! xx


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