Wednesday, June 22, 2011

1 year with my BF and SUMMER!

Today me and my boyfriend have been together for a whole year! I'm so happy, I love you so much honey!...

Today was also the last day of school before summer, and guess what?! I've never overslept at all this year until today -.- So I ran up, got dressed, putted on make up and fixed my hair, and I only used 10 minutes! :O So my dad drove me to school, we had our end of school concert, ate some cake and went home.
I met Oshiro downtown and we finally bought Mario kart for Wii, as a gift for ourselves, and went spontaneous at the movies to watch Kung Fu Panda 2! It was so awesome, but I cried a lot :(

So I will soon make some dinner for us, and then we will watch a movie I bought to him called "The Silent House", a horror movie :S

I also wore Lolita today, and I had to use one of my new dresses. I just LOVE how it fits on me, and I just can't stop looking at the print. It's so cute!

So do you have summer vacation?
What are you planing to do in your summer vacation?


  1. Congratulations! You guys look sooo cute together, and I wish you the best ;D

  2. Congratulations! :D

    And btw, you looked very nice at school yesterday in that new dress ;)


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