Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tha national day

Yeah so it was 17 May this year too: D: D And I went out pretty early to go in the parade, waiting for my Lasse, be on amusement park a long time (where I got a bit scared, tired, got sore feet, won cool stuff, AND ate candy floss), go home in the poring rain, sleep on the couch on a visit AND eat very good dinner at a restaurant. Everything with Lasse: D

I helped for the first time in my life with the tab: P

visited these guys and went to and eat dinner with them  :D I love you!

Lasse and Anders: D good friends you know: D

They took it holy fudgin' 3 times!

And yes ... It IS my Lasse having his hands out in the air! Sick bastard :P

I can't understand they dared: S

Beautiful Lasse is so handsome when he's dressed up  :D

Me and Lasse on a restaurant with my family: P 

Now! I go to bed:)

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