Friday, May 27, 2011

Party pincess

So I am going to a birthday party to friend of mine with my BF tonight, and I actually decided to not wear Lolita. But I just can\t stand mini skirts anymore, so this is what I came up with... If I call my self a Lolita, I should wear it in every occasions , and then parties to :)

So since I have no black Lolita skirt at the moment, I decided to use my pink body line skirt under one of my ruffle miniskirts, and I thought it looked really cool :D

So I changed my hair style, and for the first time I managed to make my hair look like this with just hair pins! Look so cute :D


  1. Sv; I love love loev the pink ones! ^^

  2. Nice dresses :)
    Your cute, love lolita stile <3
    check my blogg? :3

  3. annorlunda kläder, men du klär i dig!
    fräckt att du står för din kladsmak! :D

    Stora kramar!

  4. Sv; Your hairstyle is sweet as sugar! :D

  5. Re: I took a bit of hair twisted it some times and pulled it upwards:) Then I placed a lot of hair pins where you twisted and then release the pigtail:) place some hair pins in the back so the hair covers the twisting:) and finnish with a lots of hairspray :D

  6. Åh, så fin du e :D Skull ønske æ kunna vært med, men håpe d va trivelig :) Du va åsså kjæmpefin på håret btw :D


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