Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 6 - 10 Things you Can't Live Without in Lolita

So I have a little addiction to Lolita even though I don't wear it everyday at the moment, but there is something I just can't live without i Lolita:

1. Petticoats - you can't be a Lolita without almost, and I love the poof it gives. Sometimes I even wear several :D

2. Bloomers - even though I do not own a single pair I can't stand use only socks without a small shorts or something under my skirts. So I have to craft MANY pairs in the future :D

3. Hair accesories, I hate (even though I'm not wearing lolita one day) to go outside without some bows and accessories in my hair, and a Loli outfit without it, just isn't Lolita in my eyes:P

4. Money - You can find cheap loli clothes too, but sometimes they are not in a good quality or the shipping is WAY too expensive. I have no need for brand clothing but Lolita is expensive for a teenage girl with no job anyway:P

5.  Inspiration - Without all the inspiration I get from blogs and pictures I would not be a Lolita. That's just the way it is :P

6. Shoes - I never been a shoes addicted girl, BUT when I discovered Lolita, shoes have become the one thing that really makes a Lolita outfit complete. Unfortunately I only have one pair o_O

7.  Make up - I LOVE make up even though I don't use that much as I did before. But after being trying out fake eyelashes and cute colors I've become addicted.

8. Hairstyling - I love my hair (I think xD), and I spend more time fixing my hair than make up in every occasions. Curling it, straighten it, pigtails, loose, everything!

9. Appropriate weather - No rain, no snow, not that cold that you need a jacket and not too hot so you feel like melting in your lovely Lolita clothes. I love to walk around in Lolita but often I can't because of the weather.

10. All the different styles - If there was only one Loli style, I would become quite bored of it. I often gets inspiration of new styles and new combinations, and I always find something I want to try out.


  1. Viss du måtta greid dæ uten ett
    av dæm punktan, ka mått d ha vært? :P

  2. If I had to live without one of these statements, what would it be? Oh... thats a hard one:P Bloomers then? even though I have a feeling that that will be very uncomfortable :P

  3. Sv; Yeah ^^ Too bad i didn't get a better pic of it though :(

  4. Thank you! I love your blog too, it's so kawaii! \(^o^)/ I added a "follow me" button on my site below my posts! Have a nice day ~ !


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