Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 5 - 10 items from your wish list

So todays post will be kind of the same as this post, but I have changed a little :)
So here is 10 items from my wish list :D


I love the Happy garden dress from AP, but unfortunately I can't afford it so I am planing to buy this replica in lavender from QutieLand.


I have looked at this dress from Body Line many times but never noticed how lovely it is! Is thinkig about ordering it in yellow:)


So this was acually the first dress I though of ordering, but they didn't have the black one left. So as soon  the black one comes back, I will order it.


So I decided I need more black in my wardrobe and I can't resist this print!


I have also been looking after a navy blue dress, so just needed this from the first time I saw it :O 


I love purses like this, and I will order this one in lavender.


 I also need a little bigger bag, and I thought this replica from QutieLand was absolutely amazing! 

I will not order this before I get a lovely classic Lolita dress, but I am thinking of the black one. 


I have always loved yellow shoes, and these tea-party replicas just took my breath. 


I was thinking about ordering this one this week, but they had not the off-white ones left! :'(

Sadly all pictures in this post got lost due to problems with the google drive.


  1. Cutie :3
    I can't wait to undress you! :D

  2. Søte kjoler, søt blogg ^^ hehe. Hadde noen venniner som var i lolita miljøet ^^

  3. Markus: Serr? kjenner ingen andre jeg i allefall :( :P


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