Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 2 - 10 things you love in lolita.

This is like my lolita favorites post but oh well ... Lolita has MANY great sites: D

1. The dress! I am a girl after all and sometimes I can be quite old fashioned and say that girls should go in dresses. There is so much more elegant, and I think girls today have to wear it much more.

2. The Length of the lolita dresses or skirts. Before I was comfortable in the short skirt, but now for the past year, the use of such skirts has decreased drastically. I feel so much more comfortable in knee-length skirt so I do not have to worry that my bottom will be displayed in all circumstances. 
Anyway is much more comfortable and you do not have to pull it down all the time: P

3. Petticoat! It's my best lolita friend. I feel just plain uncomfortable without the little poof it provides. Also, I MUST invest a new one, to get EVEN more poof: D: D No Lolita whiteout bell shaped lolita skirt: D
4. Head Pieces such as loops and other accessories is so adorable and Lolita is the style to be a little crazy with Hair.

5. That is Lolita that especially here in Norway I think it is super fun! It is a style that is all about courage and to show that you are yourself.

6. Kawaii stuff! Or elegant! Lolita has so many styles so you can choose to get dressed in something you feel comfortable in and still be lolita. Do you like to dress up elegant and mature, you drop hot pink, teddy bear bag and metastases rather elegant stockings and simple print.

7. I've never really liked to gone particularly lightly dressed and the dressing for a style in which this is not a point is quite relaxing. The style is not about the body that I mentioned in forige post, and I can at present make me feel elegant and comfortable.

8. Lolita bloggers! Previously, I have not been so keen on other people's blogs, mostly because I never found the bloggers with the same interests as me. But after I began to immerse myself in the little lolita society, I found MANY amazing lolita bloggers who daily gives me inspiration and tips to improve as a person and as a lolita.

9. Doing lolita to something special, I've mentioned before on this blog, and it's something I really stands for. Unique Lolita is the most inspiring are. But still, I love that it goes depends to be so through the sheet when it comes to Lolita.
10. Bring out the child in you. Some think it maybe is too sick to go dressed in the colors or stroking pastels with teddy bear in your arms and tons ar Jewelry and Accessories, in public. But it's not cool until someone does it. Kids do not think about what anndre come to think they are just making their way and should also think about all not just Lolita. If you take the childish way out of the sweet lolita or if you are home it behind a black gothic lolita style has nothing to say, just thinking that way.

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