Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 1 - 10 things about your lolita bubble.

Ok lets start :P It's a little hard to define "lolita bubble", but anyway... I will try as best as I can: D
1. I'm too fascinated about all the different lolita styles, so it's hard for me to boxing myself to one. Even though I have a small sweet lolita period at the time, but that is mostly because it's easiest to get hold of: 3
2. I have since I was a kid been fascinated by the bell-shaped dresses and skirts, and therefore lolita got a big place in my heart when I found out that their own style just put this in focus.
3. I have alway liked to make things and to make my acceories or learn how to sew skirts and dresses, or just decorate them, so that I can then go in there, is something which is the best of Lolita
4. Being a lonely lolita (a Lolita with no other Lolita friends) is not so hard for me. Of course it would be fun to have a friend nearby in Trondheim who was  interested in the Lolita fashion too, but my friends do not have anything against that I dress like that, so I do not have a problem.
5. Lolita drawings are so beautiful and inspiring, and after I became more and more interested in Lolita,  my drawings were also included in the same direction. Detailed drawings with great dresses and mixing of different lolita styles is so much fun: D
6. Until now I have no dresses or skirts from the great lolita brands and I think it's okay too.Bodyline comes with lots of nicely havparten of the price, and therefore I can helelr buy much there than spending years saving for a new dress for example from Angelic Pretty. Just as Well I have plans to buy a dark blue dress from the AP once again in the future: D
7. I love detalier and of making things is a big plus. You have for example seen my cell phone I decorerte ppm for any month-ago and it complements the lolita style completely! decorere to all sorts of things are uber fun and delicious!
8. as previously stated in my lolita my favorite  posts, I mentioned headpieces. Loops, hairband, buckles and all that I have always been fascinated by and you will not find me in a lolita outfit without one or more loops.
9. I think I discovered lolita first in 8 class where I just searched around on lots of random images. the problem then was that I did not know what it was and what I found out until two years afterwards, either. Lolita had thus been e great mystery for several years.
10. The most important lolita to me is that you dare to be yourself by being incredibly sweet and beautiful, and then without going truseløs in very short skirts and tight tops so that her tits hanging out. Lolita is more about beauty and personality instead of your body and sex;)

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