Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 6 - 10 Things you Can't Live Without in Lolita

So I have a little addiction to Lolita even though I don't wear it everyday at the moment, but there is something I just can't live without i Lolita:

1. Petticoats - you can't be a Lolita without almost, and I love the poof it gives. Sometimes I even wear several :D

2. Bloomers - even though I do not own a single pair I can't stand use only socks without a small shorts or something under my skirts. So I have to craft MANY pairs in the future :D

3. Hair accesories, I hate (even though I'm not wearing lolita one day) to go outside without some bows and accessories in my hair, and a Loli outfit without it, just isn't Lolita in my eyes:P

4. Money - You can find cheap loli clothes too, but sometimes they are not in a good quality or the shipping is WAY too expensive. I have no need for brand clothing but Lolita is expensive for a teenage girl with no job anyway:P

5.  Inspiration - Without all the inspiration I get from blogs and pictures I would not be a Lolita. That's just the way it is :P

6. Shoes - I never been a shoes addicted girl, BUT when I discovered Lolita, shoes have become the one thing that really makes a Lolita outfit complete. Unfortunately I only have one pair o_O

7.  Make up - I LOVE make up even though I don't use that much as I did before. But after being trying out fake eyelashes and cute colors I've become addicted.

8. Hairstyling - I love my hair (I think xD), and I spend more time fixing my hair than make up in every occasions. Curling it, straighten it, pigtails, loose, everything!

9. Appropriate weather - No rain, no snow, not that cold that you need a jacket and not too hot so you feel like melting in your lovely Lolita clothes. I love to walk around in Lolita but often I can't because of the weather.

10. All the different styles - If there was only one Loli style, I would become quite bored of it. I often gets inspiration of new styles and new combinations, and I always find something I want to try out.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lolita swimwear for summer!

So today I'm going to "Pirbadet" and swim and play in the water with my boyfriend and some friend, But I have one problem. I need some new swimwear! I have this really cute yellow and white striped bikini, but now it is soon summer, and the old bikini is kind of worn out.

But now to the problem. Why can't I find any cute Lolita-ish swimwear?! something with a little skirt or something :( SO I ask you, if you find some nice ones, please comment :D

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 5 - 10 items from your wish list

So todays post will be kind of the same as this post, but I have changed a little :)
So here is 10 items from my wish list :D


I love the Happy garden dress from AP, but unfortunately I can't afford it so I am planing to buy this replica in lavender from QutieLand.


I have looked at this dress from Body Line many times but never noticed how lovely it is! Is thinkig about ordering it in yellow:)


So this was acually the first dress I though of ordering, but they didn't have the black one left. So as soon  the black one comes back, I will order it.


So I decided I need more black in my wardrobe and I can't resist this print!


I have also been looking after a navy blue dress, so just needed this from the first time I saw it :O 


I love purses like this, and I will order this one in lavender.


 I also need a little bigger bag, and I thought this replica from QutieLand was absolutely amazing! 

I will not order this before I get a lovely classic Lolita dress, but I am thinking of the black one. 


I have always loved yellow shoes, and these tea-party replicas just took my breath. 


I was thinking about ordering this one this week, but they had not the off-white ones left! :'(

Sadly all pictures in this post got lost due to problems with the google drive.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Party pincess

So I am going to a birthday party to friend of mine with my BF tonight, and I actually decided to not wear Lolita. But I just can\t stand mini skirts anymore, so this is what I came up with... If I call my self a Lolita, I should wear it in every occasions , and then parties to :)

So since I have no black Lolita skirt at the moment, I decided to use my pink body line skirt under one of my ruffle miniskirts, and I thought it looked really cool :D

So I changed my hair style, and for the first time I managed to make my hair look like this with just hair pins! Look so cute :D

Thursday, May 26, 2011

With my polkadots

So finally I was able to post a new outfit post again! It's been a while, sorry.. But I really don't understand why my Nikon D40 doesn't work :'( So you have to live with my cellphone pictures until it gets fixed.

So I am wearing my remade polkadot JSK which I got from my grandmother which she bought in the 50's:D I love it so much, and I love this coord even more than how I wore the dress at the national day of Norway :)

The outfit

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 4 - 10 different kinds of food you like

So then I have to talk about food on this blog, oh well. So this is what kid of food I like

1. Coconut buns - I love them! Especially swedish ones. I really get really happy whenever I eat them :P

2. Taco and fajitas - This is something I almouts eat once a week. It is for me standard friday or saturday evening food. 

3. Sushi - So me and my dad have often made sushi together and homemade sushi is definitely the best, and of course with real norwegian salmon. 

4. Pasta - Me and my dad have always used to have pasta or spaghetti on mondays, and that is because I love everything including pasta!

5. Cupcakes - So I do not like cake that much, but small cupcakes with very good frosting is to die for! as long it is not chocolate. 

6. Salmon - And we have a lot of fish i Norway, so what is not better than fried salmon :O 

 7. Liquorice - This is kind of my favorite candy, and i really like the REALLY salty ones.

8. Chicken fillet - I'm very picky when it comes to meat but I eat it anyway, and eve though I am almost afraid of chicken meat, I love chicken fillet, whit pasta or rise and souse. 

 9. Brownies - That is the one cake I can eat a lot of without becoming sick after the first 5 minutes. It is so delicious.

10. Yogurt - so as you might have noticed so is my blog called "Lolita Yoghurt" (Yoghurt is norwegian for yogurt, i think it is easier), and that is because I love yogurt! It is like candy, and I almost eat it every day!

P.S. Sorry for all the boggus on this post, but I acually can't fix it without ruin the whole post :S

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Too much homework!

I am sorry than I've not been blogging lately, but I just don't have time :S SO MUCH SCHOOLWORK TO DO! I'm gonna cry soon.... So I am just writing so you have something to read and to put out the links to my BFs blogs:D  You have the funny one here and his personal one here. So I hope you enjoy :D

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Marie Antoinette

So I just watched the Marie Antoinette movie and I loved it! It was funny, and a little sad, 
and I will definitely watch it again:D
I will need any lolita flow or inspiration 
in the future, I can just watch this movie:D

Everything was so beautiful! :D

And now I will go to bed, Bye!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 3 - 10 things you hate in lolita

1. I hate that I can't go to the mall and just buy a lovely lolita dress, JSK or skirt! Of course it's fun to get a package in the mail, but you always have to wait for it. I want some lolita shops i Norway NOW!

2. Wigs. Okay I don'y acually hate lolita wigs, but I feel it's kinda creepy thinking about wearing one. Especially one with a natural hair color. I think it is more inspiring with Lolitas who makes cute hairstyles with their real hair. All though I have no problems with extensions :3

3. The temperature! Well I live in norway, may be the best lolita nation ever i we think about the temperature, oh...well... In the winter it is so cold that you always needs to cover your creations with a coat and in the summer it is too hot. I just hate complaining about the temperature while wearing lolita.

4. No norwegian lolis! I have found girls who have one dress or girls who is going to sell their stuff away, but where are the real norwegian lolitas?! And if they exist, why doesn't they blog? -.-

5. Why is lolita clothing so expensive! well Body Line was cheap before they expensive shipping fee, but the real brands are just too much to handle.

6. Brands. I have never liked brand clothes, and even though I think many of the lolita brand pieces are very lovely, I don't like attention it gets. It's like you HAVE to have brand pieces in your wardrobe to be a real Lolita.

7. What other people thinks of it. Some just can't accept it. It's like a bad thing to dress up at school, and to be childish. And I hate when people think it is something sexual about it. How come when other teenage girls walk around whit short skirt with nothing to cover their legs and short tops who shows their bellies and cleavages.

8. Boxing yourself to one style? This is ridiculous. I love all the styles of Lolita and the people who says that you can't match sweet and gothic lolita have no life!

9. Time consuming. You can't just jump out of bed, get dressed, get a perfect make-up, a perfect hairstyle, eat breakfast and catch the buss for school on just one hour, unless you want to wake up five in the morning though.

10.  I hate that I can't come up with a 10th reason to hate Lolita :P it is just too lovely! :3

Starter på engelsk!

Halo! Jeg er ikke noe flink i engelsk så jeg skjønner ikke helt hva jeg holder på med, men ja ja.... jeg har i allefall overført de fleste innleggene mine til en ny blogg på Så håper dere vil fortsette å følge meg der... Og bare så dere vet det... har brukt en del google translate på de gamle innleggene, orker jo ikke å skrive alt på nytt :S men skal gå litt mer nøye over de lange innleggene i allefall :)

This is the last entry I wrote in Norwegian,
and this blog you are reading now was born! :D

Friday, May 20, 2011

My new blog...

So I started this for just a minute ago, and I am going to post some of the lates posts on english from my old blog, please don't bother the very bad english, google translate is my good friend while reposting all my norwegian posts. Realy hope you'll enjoy :D

Day 2 - 10 things you love in lolita.

This is like my lolita favorites post but oh well ... Lolita has MANY great sites: D

1. The dress! I am a girl after all and sometimes I can be quite old fashioned and say that girls should go in dresses. There is so much more elegant, and I think girls today have to wear it much more.

2. The Length of the lolita dresses or skirts. Before I was comfortable in the short skirt, but now for the past year, the use of such skirts has decreased drastically. I feel so much more comfortable in knee-length skirt so I do not have to worry that my bottom will be displayed in all circumstances. 
Anyway is much more comfortable and you do not have to pull it down all the time: P

3. Petticoat! It's my best lolita friend. I feel just plain uncomfortable without the little poof it provides. Also, I MUST invest a new one, to get EVEN more poof: D: D No Lolita whiteout bell shaped lolita skirt: D
4. Head Pieces such as loops and other accessories is so adorable and Lolita is the style to be a little crazy with Hair.

5. That is Lolita that especially here in Norway I think it is super fun! It is a style that is all about courage and to show that you are yourself.

6. Kawaii stuff! Or elegant! Lolita has so many styles so you can choose to get dressed in something you feel comfortable in and still be lolita. Do you like to dress up elegant and mature, you drop hot pink, teddy bear bag and metastases rather elegant stockings and simple print.

7. I've never really liked to gone particularly lightly dressed and the dressing for a style in which this is not a point is quite relaxing. The style is not about the body that I mentioned in forige post, and I can at present make me feel elegant and comfortable.

8. Lolita bloggers! Previously, I have not been so keen on other people's blogs, mostly because I never found the bloggers with the same interests as me. But after I began to immerse myself in the little lolita society, I found MANY amazing lolita bloggers who daily gives me inspiration and tips to improve as a person and as a lolita.

9. Doing lolita to something special, I've mentioned before on this blog, and it's something I really stands for. Unique Lolita is the most inspiring are. But still, I love that it goes depends to be so through the sheet when it comes to Lolita.
10. Bring out the child in you. Some think it maybe is too sick to go dressed in the colors or stroking pastels with teddy bear in your arms and tons ar Jewelry and Accessories, in public. But it's not cool until someone does it. Kids do not think about what anndre come to think they are just making their way and should also think about all not just Lolita. If you take the childish way out of the sweet lolita or if you are home it behind a black gothic lolita style has nothing to say, just thinking that way.

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